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Will the Catholic Church Accept its First Openly Transgender Nun?

…Last year, the 35-year-old London resident became the world’s first out trans Roman Catholic consecrated maiden, reports the London Community News. In addition to abiding by her vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience, she also undertook an extensive research project that culminated in Why God Doesn’t Hate Youa newly released book for LGBT readers who feel alienated by Christianity…

Vicar of H Street: Favors

I’ve been doing some thinking about the Post’s coverage of a recent study on civic health in the District. Some of the indices bemuse me, such as the 72.4% of Washingtonians who have “some or a great deal of confidence in the media,” because, I’m presuming, half of District works in Media, or the 46% who “talk about politics frequently.”  One in five Washingtonians have contacted a public official. Yup, that’s kind of what we do here in Washington.

But some of the data, as the Post points out, is troubling. There’s a lot of distrust — only one in three people trust some or all of their neighbors, as well as a lot of reticence to ask for help, as only one in ten people regularly exchange favors with their neighbors…

“ During that great battle about the ordination of women in the Episcopal Church, it interested me that people studied what the ordained ministry was all about more than they ever had before. There were some serious questions raised. Anything that will get people excited, stir them up, so that they can ask the question, “what is it that we are trying to bear witness to?” can be an occasion for laity to grasp their true calling. The questions are there, all around us, all the time. Will we take the responsibility and authority to pay attention to them? ”
Verna Dozier

How to Criticize Israel Without Being Anti-Semitic


If you’ve spent any time discussing or reading about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, I guarantee you’ve heard some variation of this statement:

OMG, Jews think any criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic!

In the interests of this post, I’m going to assume that the people who express such…

Some helpful advice with good points to back it up. It’s very easy to say something you shouldn’t about an issue(s) like this that is so complicated and historic and delicate and…

Emergency appeal from the Diocese of... | Anglican Alliance

Staff at the Al-Ahli hospital, an Anglican ministry located in Gaza City, have maintained around-the-clock care since the beginning of the crisis. They are now calling for help to provide urgent medical services and critical care to those injured, displaced and traumatised in the conflict. Please see below for details on how you can support their work.  

Medical supplies, food aid, electrical generators and vital medical equipment are some of the most urgent needs to enable the hospital to continue providing essential care.  

Anonymous asked:
I have a question - I'm a new episcopalian, but have been a low church Protestant since birth, basically. I'm in love with someone who is not a Christian, and have struggled with whether or not a romantic relationship is unbiblical. As a priest, what are your thoughts on the matter? Even your personal opinion would mean a lot.

Short answer: your relationship is not unbiblical because your beloved is not a Christian.

Longer Answer: If I were in your position, I might ask myself whether or not we connect on a spiritual level. Do we respect each other’s beliefs and practices? Can we engage each other in conversation and even in some kind of spiritual practice such as prayer/meditation/etc.? Do we help each other to go deeper and be better?

I know many couples who come from very different religious backgrounds, including interfaith marriages. Sure, they’ve had to work at understanding each other on that level, but in that work is a tremendous opportunity for experiencing the kind of relationships we read of time and time again in the Bible.

Every human relationship is made up of two different people, and more important than finding someone like you is finding someone who will know and love you and who you will know and love in return.

It seems to me that a relationship’s fruitfulness depends more on how each person in the couple strives to love the other than it does on any religious or other affiliation.

Good luck to you both!

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