It says "Ask a Priest" up there, as if I have answers.


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    For protestant churches with clumsy deacons maybe? Or clumsy parishioners considering I almost saw the tray upended...
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    This reminds me of the time Amanda spilled wine into a packet of rice crackers and went, ‘Look guys! It’s communion!’
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    I think it was Church of Christ they passed out mini cups of grape juice for communion with old communion wafers. I...
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    oh. Yeah, I guess I never thought about the crumbs. I don’t even know what my church does with the leftover bread and...
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    They don’t seem cardboard to me, just unleavened. (Which…the last time I touched that subject with a ten foot pole it...
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    I think the issue is more that they come prepackaged. Like, someone marketed this to churches and is making bank from...
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    Who thought this would be a good idea?!?
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    …this is how my church does communion. I mean, our head usher fills little glasses with grape juice, so they’re not...
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    From Presbyterian shooters to pudding cups. Wow.
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    This is insane.
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    I can’t even begin to list the ways this bothers me.
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